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Ohio Valley Lightning Protection Co. is a family owned business since 1998. We are specialist in Commercial, Residential and Industrial Lightning Protection and Grounding Systems. We are dedicated to customer service, excellent workmanship and a fair and ethical business practice. Our staff are qualified and trained professionals.

Although the climbs are high, the views are awesome. The best part of the job are the many different skylines and landscapes we get to see. This project involved protecting 23 of these magnificent gargoyles, during their renovation. They have been in existence since 1897 and are made of terra-cotta. We were honored to be involved in this project to help protect such rare gothic architecture for another 100 yrs.

Cincinnati Gargoyle

Meet the Team

Tony Riley
Tony Riley Tony Riley is the "coach" of our hard working team, dedicated to his business and has over 20 years of Electrical and Lightning Protection experience. Tony takes care of estimating, CAD designing and project coordination.
Lucia Riley
Lucia Riley Lucia Riley is our office manager and takes care of all accounting, master labels and purchasing. She's ready to answer any questions you may have. Lucia has helped us on a few projects, so she knows first hand what it takes to do an installation. She made us promise not to show any of her hard hat pictures.